open day

may 2013

by Anand Doshi

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the small stuff

update stock on submitting Sales Invoice,
without it being a point-of-sale invoice

each price list can be used either for selling or buying, and not both!
no more confusion, just set it and forget it

a listing of recognized partners


are we there yet?

let's take a peek

so what we have here is a simple add to cart button - let's click it

if you are not logged in, you will be asked to

once logged in, the item gets added to cart

here's how the shopping cart looks

this is all good, yet nothing new

it's the back-stage where things will get interesting

inside erpnext, the cart is a quotation with order type = "Shopping Cart"

the items get added in the quotation table,
just like you do it when you enter data, manually

a price list and a tax template will be selected automatically,
and applied to this quotation,
based on the user's billing address

the user will be able to select a shipping rule,
like Regular Shipping, Instant Shipping etc.

shipping charges will be calculated
based on the configuration of such shipping rules

in sum, we have items, taxes, total amount, addresses

a complete quotation, ready to be submitted

on placing order / payment, the system will create and submit
a sales order, a sales invoice and a payment entry

this design fits well

but it took time to get here
and hence, there are delays in the project

this month, we had our fair share of learning

we got hacked!
fortunately, we were able to secure our systems in time

a hard disk on our server was struggling to keep up;
so we delved deeper into the domain of software RAID
and came out enlightened

try often and fail quickly

deprecated shopping cart based on html5 LocalStorage,
and replaced it with the quotation-based design

created and killed a quick search widget, within a day
because it lacked desired features and extensibility

made a screen-cast, found it redundant, deleted it.
The upside: I found out how conscious one feels when making a screen-cast

thank you

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