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A sunburst visualization helps track population changes from initial states over lifecycles e.g. product churn rates, product conversions.

For custom testing, load up a file conforming to the data schema (see details below) or you can test out the following sample files (fake data):


This is a variation of the original sunburst sequence. A major improvement to the original vis is to organize the code base and draw the D3 components (breadcrumbs, sunburst, legend) from a single HTML div tag, and to dynamically assign color and legend scales.

The other improvement is generalizing and conventionalizing data inputs. The input requires a simple tabular schema of sequence, stage, node, value (see below) and the program will parse the data into a JSON graph.

The design of the data input therefore makes the visualization more useable on relational database queries. The CSV data can be unsorted but it must NOT contain a header, and has to conform to the following data column requirements.


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