This display is adapted from Figure 3 in the New England Journal of Medicine article, Randomized Trial of Peanut Consumption in Infants at Risk for Peanut Allergy. The chart was originally created in response to reader correspondence, and was later updated to include follow up data in conjunction with a second article, Effect of Avoidance on Peanut Allergy after Early Peanut Consumption.

This interactive version allows the user to select from 10 outcomes on the y-axis. Selections for sex, ethnicity, study population, skin prick test stratum, and peanut specific IgE at 60 and 72 months of age can be interactively chosen to filter the data and display subgroups of interest. Figure options (e.g. summary lines, box and violin plots) can be selected under the Overlays heading to alter the properties of the figure. Per Protocol population is shown by default. The Intent to Treat population includes all randomized partcipants and can be shown by selecting both Per Protocol and non-Per Protocol participants.

This page was created for the Immune Tolerance Network by the Rho Center for Applied Data Visualization using d3.js (1,2) and webcharts.js.

For more information about the LEAP study and to access to the full set of figures with underlying data and analysis code, please log into ITN TrialShare. Creating a TrialShare account is free and simple. Click here to get started. The graphic shown here was updated using webcharts version 1.4.0; the original chart was created using v0.1.3 and can be found on Trialshare.