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Open Day

July 2013 - Nabin Hait

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Doctype Mapper Deprecated

To simplify the mapping process

Reduced repository size significantly

Customer-wise Discount

Maintain item-group-wise discount for each customer

Discount will be auto fetched in transaction based on customer

Purchase Order

Pull all open material requests for a supplier

Mention default supplier in item master

Material requests will be selected based on items

Update BOM Cost

Update cost based on current valuation rate or last purchase rate

Freezed Account

If customer/supplier account freezed, do not allow any transaction

Release Support

Too many small fixes

For more details please check at github commit log

Blog Posts

Sky is the limit if conviction is strong

Target Review

Party model (merge customer, supplier, sales partner)

Country-wise default chart-of-accounts

Payment tool

Demo cleanup

2 Blog posts + 1 book review

Read 1 book

More contribution in forum