PhpMetrics report - CodeIgniter 3.0


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Each file is symbolized by a circle. Size of the circle represents the Cyclomatic complexity. Color of the circle represents the Maintainability Index.

Large red circles will be probably hard to maintain.

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Select metrics you want to display in chart.

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Abstractness / Instability

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This score is not absolute. This chart is a comparison of your project relative to a representative average of recent PHP projects.

Each score is calculated from various criterias from 172 files in your projects. Your score is a note between 0 (poor) and 100 (excellent).

Factor Score
Maintainability 71.77 / 100
Accessibility for new developers 50 / 100
Simplicity of algorithms 0 / 100
Volume 0 / 100
Reducing bug's probability 0 / 100

This score does not replace the judgement of a human.


Class uses another when it calls, constructs, types hint, extends or implements it.

  • Used by : this class is used by hovered element.
  • Uses : this class uses hovered element.
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Files 172
Lines of code 64726
Classes 138
Interfaces 1 ( 1 %)
Concrete classes 132 ( 96 %)
Methods 1520 ( 11 methods by class )
Relative system complexity 2
Relative data complexity 1.29
Relative structure complexity 0.71
Lack of cohesion of methods 2.57
Efferent Coupling 0.81
Afferent Coupling 0.09
Abstractness 0.04


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