The Wealth & Health of Nations

This visualisation is a based on a recreation by Mike Bostock of Gapminderā€™s Wealth & Health of Nations. As originally described, it shows the dynamic fluctuation in per-capita income (x), life expectancy (y) and population (radius) of 180 nations over the last [two centuries]. Nations are colored by geographic region; mouseover to read their names.

The views of three countries are highlighted - Bangladesh, India and China.

At the time of writing (late October, 2013), generating this sort of chart for use in a web page still requires a certain amount of technical skill:

The pace of development around web-based data visualisation tools is such that a more useable version of this tool may appear at any point... But for now, if you want to make use of it, you'll have to get your Javascript coding hat on:-)

Source: Tony Hirst, Pete Mitton, Mike Bostock, Tom Carden, Gapminder.