Audi is catching up with BMW in the U.S.

By Zhiming Sun


The most of BMW’s sales are contributed by 3 Series. Compared with the 3 Series, its competi- tor, Audi A4, wasn’t selling that well, probably because of its upcoming next generation in 2016. Audi only sold 25,841 units of A4. The number for the 3 series is 89,265.

However, Audi overwhelms BMW in terms of smaller car, the A3, competing with 1/2 Series of BMW in a sense. The A3 began a boost on its sales in 2014 when the current generation was first available in the U.S. It produced the sales of 32,732 in Nov. ‘15 YTD, making it the sec- ond-best seller for the brand, while BMW sold only 10,877 units of 1/2 Series.

The best seller for Audi has been Q5 for 3 years. Even this is already the 8th year in the current generation, the sales of Q5 in 2015 increased 8,080 to 45,949 from 2014. The competitor, BMW X3, is 2 years “younger” though, only achieved sales of 28,798.

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