How is Under-5 Mortality Rate affected by the following factors?

Source: UNICEF

Under-5 years old mortality rate(U5MR) is affected by multiple factors. The interactive scatter plot on the left shows three elements, GNI per capita, use of improved sanitation facilities and adolescent birth rate. To some degree, they stand for three facts' circumstances of different countries on economics, health system and women situation.

There is a moderate negative correlation between the use of improved sanitation facilities and the U5MR. When the U5MR is between 0 and 20 per thousand births, the percentage of the facilities is on the top position, between 90% and 100%. When the santitation facilities improvement is lower than 90%, the U5MR is increasing with it dispersively.

The correlation between the adolescent birth rate and the U5MR is moderate positive. Generally, the higner the adolescent birth rate is, the higher the U5MR is.