Rooftop Barter for No Monies

Saturday and Sunday | Mar 31 and Apr 1, 2018

1-5pm both days

252 Green Street, Brooklyn (Mothership NYC)

What It Is

In this barter, you will find the constitution of a person's life: her likings, visions, values, heartbreaks, unconfessed love, and so on. The person here is Jue (me), an artist-writer who departed New York in 2016 and has since held a nomadic practice. Please refer to the craigslist archive for a sampling of what is available. You will find more items on the rooftop and, certainly, coffee and homemade pie.

How It Works

For items listed on craigslist, I have written what I am seeking in return. For items not listed there (e.g., books, yoga blocks, old art works), you can consult a more general wish list. If you happen to have any of those, bring them. Otherwise, don't feel obligated to purchase anything. Just stop by and perhaps something you haven't thought of for a long time would come to mind.


Q: What have you bartered so far?

I will tell you my favorite — two WECK jars for two letters from someone's 9th-grade mutual crush.

Q: Are you looking for anything non-materialistic?

Yes! If you had a chance to read this post, I am looking for space (studio, kitchen, what-have-you) where I can return for future projects... I am also interested in a story your grandfather told you that you never had the chance to write down, a receipt where the bartender took off all the drinks, and the flower pot from childhood in which you tried to grow onions. Basically, anything that makes you smile, tear up, even a bit angry, anything dear to your heart but not so difficult to give away or share will be on the top of my list, too.

Q: Can I trade service/time?

That really depends, because I have no idea what service/time I would want yet. I am open to ideas. Should you have any suggestions, please, let's talk!

Q: Have you turned down any barter proposals yet?

Yes. I had to turn down the offers of a large area rug, two home generators and multiple power tools. Here are my constraints: 1) I can't take any monies, 2) I can't take anything large and 3) I need to finalize ALL barters before April 7th.

Q: I don't have anything in mind, and I don't have anything you want from the wish list. Can I still come?

Totally. You are welcome to see how you feel about the things and have some pie.

Q: Um, why are you doing this?

It's a long story. I will start with this: I am re-considering ownerships, belonging(s) and the concept of home.

More Inquiries?

Message me via craigslist or email. Here is the glossary of links:

See you on the Rooftop!