Glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana

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Glacier status

Active Glacier

Inactive Glacier

A glacier is considered to be "active" when it meets the minimum threshold surface area size of 25 acres (0.1 Sq.Km). Glacier recession models predict that there will not be any active glaciers in Glacier National Park in the year 2030.

Top five glaciers with most surface area loss

The following table shows the top five glaciers with most surface area loss in the last 50 years. All the glaciers listed in this table lost their 'active glacier' status.

Glacier Name Surface Area Reduction
Boulder Glacier 85%
Two Ocean Glacier 82%
Herbst Glacier 81%
Harris Glacier 77%
Shepard Glacier 72%

A picture of Grinnell Glacier from the Continental Divide

Grinnell Glacier