Exploring Interdisciplinary Connections in Duke Ph.D. Committees

2018 [email protected] Visualization Challenge

Interactive Graph

Matthew Epland
[email protected]

In [1]:
import json; from visJS2jupyter import visJS_module
with open('nodes.json', 'r') as fp: nodes_dict = json.load(fp)
with open('edges.json', 'r') as fp: edges_dict = json.load(fp)
visJS_module.visjs_network(nodes_dict, edges_dict,
                           node_size_field='node_size', node_size_transform='Math.log', node_size_multiplier=2,
                           edge_width=9, edge_title_field="title",
                           graph_title="Interactive Duke Interdisciplinary Connections (All Years)",
                           graph_width = 940, graph_height = 600, border_color='black',
                           tooltip_delay = 0, graph_id = 0, config_enabled=False)
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